3,049 jobs given to B’stan people in 3 years: Babar Awan – Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Advisor to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs, Dr Babar Awan Thursday said that 3,049 jobs were provided to the people belonging to Balochistan in various government departments over the last three years.

During question house session of the National Assembly, the Advisor to Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs told the House that a total 3,049 recruitments were made against six percent Balochistan quota during the last three years in the federal government departments.

Replying to a question raised by MNA Agha Hasan Baloch regarding number of jobs provided to unemployed youth of Balochistan in federal government departments during the last three years, Awan said that the number of recruitments made on quarterly and yearly basis was as under in first quarter (January-March) 2018, a total 717 recruitments, in 2019, a total 28 recruitments, and 2020, 455 recruitments were made.

He said that in the second quarter from April to June in 2018, a total 74 recruitments, in 2019, total 22, and 16 recruitments were made during 2020.

In third quarter from July to September 2018, a total 204 recruitments, in 2019, a total 984 recruitments, and in 2020, 49 recruitments were made on Balochistan quota.

In fourth quarter from October to December, the advisor said that a total of 266 jobs in 2018, 93 jobs in 2019, and 49 jobs in 220, were provided to the people of Balochistan in various federal departments.

He said that a total 6,400 vacant posts were identified of Balochistan province and recruitment process was underway.

Answering the questions of the members belonging to Balochistan about fake domiciles, Babar said that this was a provincial subject and Balochistan district administrations should identify fake domiciles owners.

He said that the federal government was ready to take action against the fake domiciles employees.

He said that fake domiciles only can be identified by the provinces.

He said that it only can be identified by the local administrations.

Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri, who was presiding the house, referred the issue to the relevant committee.

He said that all the issues related to jobs should be discussed in the committee.

He said that the members which showed concern about fake domiciles should be invited in the committee for discussion of this issue.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan also told the House that the Pakistan Television (PTV) is gradually coming out of its losses.

He said losses had been reduced from Rs11 billion to Rs9 billion.

He said the PTV is the pride of the nation and has been converted into HD.

He said the PTV no longer lags behind the private channel in terms of technology.

Parliamentary Secretary for Education Wajiha Akram said several initiatives are being taken in the education sector including its integration with the latest technology.

She said that the government has signed a credit agreement with the International Development Agency/World Bank for a credit of $400 million under a five-year project titled, “Higher Education Development in Pakistan” (HEDP) in June 2019.

She said that so far, an expenditure of Rs2.25 billion has been incurred on public sector universities for various initiatives including, online teaching during Covid, research, provision of broadband network, 4-year degree program, trainings, and quality enhancement.

Responding to a calling attention notice, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said no television fee is charged from places of worship including mosques and religious seminaries.

He said if any worship place is paying the television fee, it should contact PTV for its exclusion from electricity bills.

The Minister of State said that sufficient funds have been allocated in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa for the solarisation of mosques.

He said solarisation of mosques will also be carried out in Punjab, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir.

The House also passed a motion expressing its gratitude to the president of Pakistan for addressing the joint sitting of the Parliament on 20th August last year. Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan laid before the house the Pakistan Civil Aviation Ordinance 2021.

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