James Martin property: Pictures inside TV chef’s home where he films cooking show


Chef James Martin is known for his Saturday morning TV show, James Martin’s Saturday Morning. The show usually involves celebrities cooking and tasting the 49-year-old’s dishes in his own home. James often shares photos of his dogs, gardens and homes on Instagram.

As well as his dogs, James also shares his home with long-term girlfriend Louise Davies.

So what does James Martin’s home look like? Express.co.uk finds out.


The chef’s kitchen often makes an appearance on the Saturday morning show.

However, what may appear to be his kitchen is actually in his garage.

The cookery show is not filmed in the actual house at all.

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The space also has multiple worktops, a cry rug, a butchers’ block, candle holders and other ornaments.

The kitchen is surrounded by James’ own lush grounds and the countryside.


James’ gardens are impressive and are surrounded by more of the British countryside.

One pathway in his garden is surrounded by plants, shrubs and wildflowers.

He also grows his own crops, having shared photos of his tomatoes during the pandemic.

The garden path looks idyllic with a greenhouse at the end of it.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs at 9:30am on ITV.

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